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 Transfer iPhone 4 Voice Memos to computer

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PostSubyek: Transfer iPhone 4 Voice Memos to computer   Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:02 pm

Transfer iPhone 4 Voice Memos to computer
Extract Voice Memos from iTunes Backup of iPhone 4

Key Words: iPhone 4 Voice Memos, extract Voice Memos, recover lost Voice Memos

Description: Did you lost your iPhone 4 and want to extract Voice Memos in it? Did you want to play your iPhone 4 Voice Memos in your computer, this article will meet all you demands with iFonebox.

“I lost my iPhone 4 and there are some Voice Memos in my iTunes backup of my iPhone 4, is there any possible way to extract these Voice Memos from my iTunes backup to my PC?”

“There are so many Voice Memos in my iPhone 4, in order to save my iPhone 4’s memory, I want to transfer my Voice Memos to my computer, but after synced them to iTunes, how could I play them?”

The ability to quickly record Voice Memos on iPhone is a main feature of iPhone 4’s basic function. When you record some Voice Memos, do you want to play them on your computer? When you lost your iPhone 4, do you want to extract these Voice Memos from iTunes Backup? If so, iFonebox would be your best choice to help you extract Voice Memos from iTunes backup and transfer them to play on your computer.

Free download the Windows version or Mac version of iFonebox, iPhone 4 Voice Memos recovery below and follow below tutorial to extract Voice Memos from iTunes backup.

Below we will take windows version as an example, if you are a Mac user, you could try iFonebox for Mac and get it now to enjoy 2014 Summer Holiday Special offer

Extract Voice Memos from iTunes Backup of iPhone 4

Step 1: Choose Recovery Mode

Install iFonebox and run it on your computer, Choose “Recover from iTunes backup” as the recovery mode.

Step 2: Choose iTunes backup

After clicking “Recover from iTunes Backup”, iFonebox will ask you to choose the iTunes backup file you need. When you finish choosing the backup file of your iPhone 4, click “Start Scan” to start the scanning of your iTunes Backup.

Step 3: Extract and Transfer Voice Memos to PC

When the scanning is finished, click “Voice Memos” and iFonebox can extract all of the Voice Memos in your iPhone 4 iTunes backup. Click the “Recover” button on the top right of the interface to restore these Voice Memos on your computer and you could use players to play these Voices memos.

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Source:Extract Voice Memos from iTunes Backup of iPhone 4
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Transfer iPhone 4 Voice Memos to computer
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