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PostSubyek: Hati-hati terhadap Situs-situs Berbahaya   Hati-hati terhadap Situs-situs Berbahaya Icon_minitimeFri Aug 08, 2008 2:54 am

(sumber: http://www.stopbadware.org/home/guidelines)

Hare gene.. masih ketipu oleh situs2 berbahaya?? jangan dehh... hehe Smile

Beberapa tahun belakangan ini sudah mulai banyak bermunculan situs2 berbahaya,
yakni situs yg menyebarkan badware, termasuk di dalamnya spyware, malware dan adware.

Terhadap situs2 berbahaya tersebut:
jangan men-download software (termasuk wallpaper, antivirus, dll)
atau paling amannya: tidak mengunjungi situs tersebut.

Berikut ini beberapa situs2 berbahaya yang sudah tercatat di:

* Italian Soccer wallpaper from http://www.EZThemes.com is badware

* http://www.ThemeXP.org contains badware. ThemeXP contains hundreds of executable files for download, ranging from desktop themes, to screensavers, wallpapers, icons, and cursors. So far, we have tested a random sampling of this ThemeXP Content. The badware behavior of these applications include the installation of additional software without the user's knowledge or consent; the installation of adware; and the installation of spyware.

* PC MightyMax is badware because it can be difficult to exit without purchasing the full version of the product; it makes exaggerated claims of system vulnerability; and it does not disclose to the user that it will periodically display pop-ads and make auditory alarms encouraging the user to purchase the full version. In essence, PC MightyMax belongs to that subset of badware that is often termed "nagware" or "extortionware".
We currently recommend that users do not install the version of PC MightyMax.

* WinFixer 2005 and WinFixer 2006 are badware.

* FunCade is badware because it deceptively advertises itself as having "no spyware," it installs a Trojan horse and adds bundled software to the Windows startup folder without disclosure, and it does not uninstall its bundled adware and spyware. Moreover, it attempts to deceptively get the user to download additional software during the uninstallation process.

* UnSpyPC is badware because it identifies legitimate anti-spyware applications as spyware and leaves behind an executable after uninstallation that could be used to reinstall the program.

* Jessica Simpson Screensaver is badware because it is bundled with Trojan horses, as well as undisclosed adware, spyware, and a stealth dialer.

* Kazaa (http://download.kazaa.com/kazaa_setup.exe) is badware because it misleadingly advertises itself as spywarefree, does not completely remove all components during the uninstall process, interferes with computer use, and makes undisclosed modifications to other software.

* MediaPipe is badware because it does not fully disclose what it is installing, does not completely remove all components and "obligations" during the uninstall process, and modifies other software without disclosure.

* SpyAxe is badware because it fails to uninstall completely, is difficult to exit without purchasing the full version of the product, and because it interferes with computer use and modifies other software without disclosure.

* Waterfalls 3 from Screensaver.com is badware because it includes components that are generally considered spyware, is bundled with a Trojan horse-like program, and modifies other software without disclosure.

Situs-situs jahat (berbahaya) lainnya, bisa dilihat di:

Silahkan kasihtau ke teman2mu yg lainnya.

Semoga bermanfaat.
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Hati-hati terhadap Situs-situs Berbahaya
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