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 Split and Join SD900 mts Clips and Keep Flawlessly 1080/60p without recompression

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PostSubyek: Split and Join SD900 mts Clips and Keep Flawlessly 1080/60p without recompression    Fri May 27, 2011 1:11 pm

Flawlessly Split and Megre SD900 MTS files to retain 1080/60p without re-encoding

I have a great new Panasonic SD900 that also records HD video 1080/60p in the .mts file format. But with SD900 , I have recorded one is 8GB big 1080/60p mts video. And I want to delete the bunch of meaningless .mts video clips and join the avchd into one big files with retain the 1080/60p for playback. So I need a Mac Software not only can cut unwanted .mts clips but also export lossless MTS with keep the 1080/60p.I asked for some help on some forums and was recommended to try freeware TSmuxer, TSsniper which can help me to merge mts files. But it is frustrated for Mac users because most of them can only work on Windows platform.

Then one of my friend recommended Flawlessly Split and Join 1080/60p mts software - Final Mate for Mac. Then I download and try it. And I had succeed with the cut the few meaningless mts files and the output .mts files retain the 1080/60p without recompression.

Here I would like to demonstrate the simple steps to split 1080/60p AVCHD MTS and delete the meaningless 1080/60p .mts clips and join meaningful .mts clips into one big 1080/60p mts files without re-encoding with Mac OS X Snow Leopard on iMac, MacBook, Mac Pro.

Step 1. Load AVCHD MTS videos to Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac.
Connect camcorder to computer with USB cable, and run Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac, you will be asked to follow the wizard. Otherwise, click the Camcorder button to load camcorder videos.
You can choose to backup the videos to computer or just import videos. Here we just select Import to add videos from camcorder to the program.

Step 2. Add 1080/60p MTS files for Flowlessly cutting redundant 1080/60p .mts clips with no recompression.
Click the Add movie button, and a movie for lossless output will be created by default. Select the MTS files you would like to split 1080/60p mts from the Camcorder tab, drag and drop to the movie.

Step 3. Split/Cut and Delete the redundant 1080/60p AVCHD video.
From the timeline, you may notice the vernier, which is used as time pointer. Click on the Vernier, and move to the timeline you want to cut, and click the "Split" button to cut the video. You may also click the Split button when the video plays to the point you want to cut.
Then click on segment you want to cut off from the timeline, and then click the Delete button next to the Split button to remove the unwanted part.

Step 4. Export without conversion mts with Keep the Flawlessly 1080/60p.
Choose Export in the main interface, and click the OK button to get 1080/60p mts with flawlessly. You will get the cutted/splitted AVCHD without quality lost in a few minutes.

Soon after the exporting, you can manage/store the meaningful 1080/60p mts files with lossless, flawlessly play the mts files on Tvix HD M650 Media Player, WDTV, AC Ryan Playon HD7100,DUNE Player. And also can upload the appropriate size .mts clips to Youtube/Vimeo with retain the flawlessly 1080/60p for sharing.
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PostSubyek: Re: Split and Join SD900 mts Clips and Keep Flawlessly 1080/60p without recompression    Sun May 29, 2011 1:26 pm

infinite thanks, good luck to you always
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Split and Join SD900 mts Clips and Keep Flawlessly 1080/60p without recompression
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