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 Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X

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Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X Empty
PostSubyek: Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X   Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X Icon_minitimeThu Sep 18, 2014 2:29 pm

Load/Import XVAC-S Footage from Sony FDR-AX100 in FCP X

This article will guide you the way editing XVAC-S Footage from Sony FDR-AX100 in FCP X smoothly. Keep reading for a brief how-to instruction.

Sony FDR-AX10000:

At this year's CES, the Ultra-HD Sony FDR-AX100 Handycam has been announced. It will also shoot Full HD footage, with Sony claiming that it was supersample down from 4K to improve video quality, something we're interested to test for ourselves. Full HD footage can also be shot in the XAVC-S format at 60fps (as well as 30 and 24fps), or you can opt for more traditional AVCHD at this resolution.

Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X Ob_387fd7_sony-fdr-ax100-xavc-s-to-fcp-x

Question: Sony AX10000 editing workflow in FCP X ——

I have just recieved a fully maxed out new Mac Pro 6.1 ordered on December 18th. My main use for the 12-core model will be editing and exporting 4K video productions. I plan to purchase the Sony FDR-AX100 4K camcorder that was just announced at the CES last week. Sony has had a consumer camcorder on the market since last September (the Sony FDR-AX1) which uses the same XAVC-S codec as the not yet released Sony FDR-AX100.

If anyone has had any experience editing this format in Final Cut Pro X, I would be pleased to learn of their experience and the specs of the computer they are using. I am hopeful that editing XVAC-S footage on the new Mac Pro will be possible without the large file sizes produced by transcoding. Thanks in advance for responding.

From: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5786566?tstart=0

Final Cut Pro X allows users to log and transfer video onto a hard drive (internal or external), where it can be edited, processed, and output to a wide variety of formats. At this time I go to my Final Cut Pro X which does not support Sony AX100 XAVC/S files directly.

The solution is a $35 program called Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac which can be used to convert the Sony AX100 XAVC/S files to FCP friendly Prores codec MOV format, which is intermediate format that features high performance and quality, being less processor-intensive to work with on Mac OS X. With it you are able to edit XAVC and XAVC/S files in FCP X smoothly and then share a better video with friends or post the edited videos to blog.

One hint – if you do convert to ProRes you can eventually delete your original camera files to save space, or better yet save them off to another drive as your field backups. The ProRes files lose nothing over the camera originals. They're just bigger because they're no longer Long GOP. Now follow me to learn how to convert Sony FDR-AX100 XAVC/S videos to Apple Prores 422 for FCP X editing on Mac OS X.

You are free to download the XAVC/S to FCP Converter and install on your Mac. Then go to the guide here:

1. Load XAVC/S to the Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac.

Tips: You can joint multiple XAVC/S files on to one output file by checking Merge into one file on the interface.

Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X Convert-m4v-to-fcp

2. Select Apple Prores MOV format for FCP X.

Many output format here and you are recommended to select "Apple Prores 422 (*.mov)" files under "Final Cut Pro" because it best compatible format for FCP X.

Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X Fcp-best-format


To keep original video quality for editing in FCP, select “Apple ProRes 422”;
For SD levels – 480i/p and 576i/p and offline workflows, select “Apple ProRes 422 (Proxy)”;
To edit and finish 4:4:4 material, choose “Apple ProRes 4444″.

Learn more Apple ProRes, please refer to Types of Apple ProRes Codecs

3. Adjust output settings and edit the video. (Optional)

Settings: You are allowed to change the parameters of video and audio, such as Size, Bitrate, Frame Rate, etc.

Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X Prores-settings

Edit: Here you are able to edit the video before conversion. You can cut off the unnecessary part of the video in Trim, crop the video, add watermark or 3D effect, attach subtitle and so on.

4. Convert Sony AX100 XAVC/S video to FCP X.

Click "Convert" button to start conversion and then click "Open" button to locate the generated files for FCP X.

Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X Ob_1dcf013c8b0d8246e27706af5a6303b1_conversion-window

Lanunch Final Cut Pro, choose File > Import > Files……, and browse to where you save the converted Sony FDR-AX100 XAVC-S video clips to. Choose the Apple Prores MOV file that you'd like to import.

If you want to convert more videos in different formats, you could try iMedia Converter for Mac, which is capable of converting both various HD videos and latest DVD/Blu-ray. You are also allowed to 1:1 backup the whole discs for further playback or editing. Just give a try.

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Best Workflow for Sony FDR-AX100 in Final Cut Pro X
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